If you come by car

【Kanetsu Expressway】
(Echigo Yuzawa IC… 15 minutes by car)
(Shiozawa Ishiuchi I.C… 5 minutes by car)

【In Winter】
Please use the nearest parking lot during the winter because ours is for ski area (You will pay that parking fee).
Lodge Takano's(ロッジタカノ) parking lot is free.

※Please don't use the rotary shuttle car 's parking lot except for loading and unloading luggage.

【Not in winer】
You can use our parking lot for free.

※The road surface is very slippery during the winter, so be sure to wear snow tires or a tire chain before coming for safety.
※During the winter, it is snowy in front of the hotel. Please be careful!

 If you come by train

●JR Joetsu Shinkansen "Echigo-Yuzawa" station ...
10 minutes by car
●JR Joetsu Line "Ishiuchi" Station ...
5 minutes by car, 20 minutes on foot
※If you come here by Shinkansen, we will provide transportation from Echigo Yuzawa Station.

Transfer service

We only provide transportation from Echigo-Yuzawa Station to the hotel, so you cannot drop in on the way.
In addition, please understand that we do not pick you up from other locations.

Pick up 8:00〜18:30 (the last bus from EchigoYuzawa sta. 18:30)
(1)Please contact us in advance ( until 1 day before)
(2)Please be sure to contact us when you arrive at Echigo Yuzawa Station
 ⇒We will inform customers in advance Meeting place,Approximate waiting time

we will pick you up as soon as possible, but please call us when you arrive at the station because of other customers' pick-up, weather and traffic conditions.
Please come to the pick-up location as soon as possible to avoid trouble for other customers

Departure from the hotel:

※Reservation is not required on the way home. Please ask at the front desk when checkout.


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