Dinner/Place: 2F Restaurant “Nire”

We will serve you with self-cultivated rice from Minami Uonuma that called “Koshihikari” and the daily Japanese and Western cuisine made by the owner.
The dishes in this photo are example of dinner. The lineup of liquor changes with time.

Dinner time: 17:30~18:30( We highly recommend customers to come to restaurant during that time)

Breakfast/Place: 2F Restaurant “Nire”

Please note that breakfast may be a buffet or a Japanese-style breakfast, but you cannot choose it.

Enjoy your meal♪

Breakfast time 7:30〜9:00

Elm Ishiuchi's rice is Koshihikari from self-cultivated Minami Uonuma! !

Among the high-quality rice “Uonuma Koshihikari rice”, rice is grown in Shiozawa Ishiuchi's climate, soil and clear stream is particularly delicious. It is one of our pride.

Also available at the front desk (end when sold out)